We, at Pacific Northwest Smiles, offer you a fantastic solution for replacing lost or missing teeth. We offer dental implants in Mill Creek, WA to give you teeth that look and feel very natural in terms of color, appearance and function. Dr. Darren Greenhalgh and our team are happy to bring you restorative dentistry that can extend your dental health for a lifetime and contribute to your outer and inner appearance. We want to take part in this  task of creating great smiles for our patients.

Dr. Darren Greenhalgh values your smile, as he knows that it is crucial to your self-confidence. A lost or missing tooth may cause you to hide your smile, or even stop smiling altogether, for fear that people will notice or find humor in your lost tooth. Fortunately, this procedure is so natural looking that your bite and appearance can be restored with a few simple trips to Dr. Greenhalgh.

In this procedure, a titanium post is surgically implanted into the patient’s jawbone. The post fuses to the bone, which makes the new tooth stronger, as well as helping prevent bone loss. One implant can hold one, or several, artificial teeth depending on your needs. After this fusion of the base, Dr. Greenhalgh will then create an artificial tooth to replace your old one. The result is a natural looking tooth; no one will ever know that it’s a prosthetic. You might even forget that it is not a natural tooth too! What’s great about implants is that they blend well with your gums and teeth; they can last for a lifetime, with no added work necessary.

We, Dr. Darren Greenhalgh and staff, have performed this treatment many times for our patients in Mill Creek, WA. Come to Pacific Northwest Smiles and feel the difference our practice offers, right on your first visit. You will feel relaxed and comfortable in our beautifully designed interior that evokes the warm and rustic atmosphere unique to Mill Creek, WA. We can enhance the quality of your smile for a lifetime with this procedure. Call us today at (425) 357-6400 for inquiries.