Advanced Dental Technology

Our goal at Pacific Northwest Smiles is to give you the greatest dental services you can get in the Mill Creek area. That requires extensive training and advanced, state-of-the-art dental technologies.

Our devices help us arrive at better diagnoses, make dental prosthetics quickly, and clean and restore teeth more effectively.

When you visit Pacific Northwest Smiles, you can get almost any dental service you need right here in our office. We rarely send patients to an outside specialist. We use our ongoing training and the following dental technologies to serve you.


Our CEREC system is like a miniature manufacturing plant. We can scan a damaged tooth, design a customized crown, manufacture it, and bond it to your tooth— all during one appointment. Our porcelain crowns are durable and will closely match your natural tooth color.

Digital X-Rays

Our patients love our digital x-ray machines because they use 80% less radiation than traditional systems. We love that too! Using less radiation protects the health of patients of all ages as well as our own staff.

Digital x-rays also give extremely fast results, almost immediately displaying detailed images of the jawbone, tooth roots, and gums. This helps us find infection, tartar, and defects quickly.

Intraoral Cameras

These tiny optical cameras each look like a large writing pen. They send color pictures and videos to a monitor, so you and your dentist can see details from inside your mouth—enlarged hundreds or thousands of times!

Intraoral cameras help us catch problems earlier, keep visual records of your dental health, and show you what we’re treating.

NTI System

We use the NTI system to provide dental appliances for patients with migraines or tension headaches. These appliances are designed to relieve the pain of jaw muscle spasms. They can also reduce damage caused by grinding of the teeth.


Our CBCT system uses a moving x-ray scanner to create detailed 3D images of the teeth, mouth, jaw, neck, ears, nose, and throat. It helps us to plan dental surgeries and other procedures, visualize abnormal teeth, and diagnose a variety of dental conditions.

Soft-Tissue Lasers

Soft-tissue lasers can treat sores, reshape or remove gum tissue, heal nerves, and destroy benign tumors. They cause very little pain or bleeding. They’re also ideal for quickly freeing a tongue or lip that is restricted by a tough frenulum (a ridge of tissue).

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Would you like to enjoy the benefits of these amazing dental technologies? We practice with these and other dental devices constantly, so we can give you the most effective dentistry possible.

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