Dentures in Mill Creek

If you have lost a number of your teeth—or even all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw—we have several different types of dentures that can give you back a full and functional smile.

The latest denture technologies can let you comfortably chew again, smile, and easily clean your dentures without any hassle. We can perform the procedures right here at Pacific Northwest Smiles.

Removable Dentures

Some patients love to be able to slip their dentures out whenever they want. If that’s you, you might want traditional dentures. These are custom-made for your particular gums. They sit right on the gums and act like new teeth, allowing you to chew normally.

You can take your traditional dentures out at night, brush them, and put them in a cleaning solution. In the morning, they’ll be clean, and you can slip them right back in. Convenient!

Removable dentures are perfect for patients that can’t have implants placed in their jawbones or don’t want to go through surgery.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are attached to metal implants that are permanently placed in your jawbone.

We do the implant surgery in our office and design your custom-made dentures here. Once your implants have become part of your jawbone, we can attach your dentures to the implants.

Implant-supported dentures can be permanent or removable. You can brush and floss permanent dentures just like normal teeth, or you can take out removable dentures. It’s easy and convenient for you to pop removable dentures off of the implants.

You might especially like implant-supported dentures if you don’t want dentures touching your gums directly or having a chance to slide around. Also, the implants will support and stimulate your jawbone, keeping it healthy.

Make an Appointment for a Whole New Smile

A beautiful, functional smile could be right around the corner for you! It won’t take us long to assess your dental health and let you know if dentures are right for you.

So, make an appointment for an exam and consultation with Pacific Northwest Smiles today! We want to help you get back the confidence and health that go with a brilliant smile.