Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth as white as you’d like them to be? Or are they mother of pearl, vanilla, or eggshell when you just want them to be white?

Some of our patients get really tired of hiding their smile during pictures or feeling self-conscious about the color of their teeth in social settings. If you can relate, we can give you professional teeth whitening that can quickly improve the color of your teeth by several shades.

A Comfortable Hour of Teeth Whitening

We pride ourselves on being the friendliest, most relaxed, and comfortable group of people we can be. If you come to us for teeth whitening, we’ll make your hour here a great one!

Your time will be well-spent. Our professional teeth whitening products work better than typical store-bought products. We’ll help you use them correctly and make sure you get the absolute most out of your session.

What Teeth Whitening Products Can You Enjoy?

Your teeth are like sponges for molecules that carry dark colors. Certain drinks and foods can stain your teeth, or they can just get darker with age.

Our teeth whitening products instead send whitening molecules into your dental material. They find the dark-colored molecules and turn them white. In a short amount of time, many of the darker molecules are neutralized, leaving your teeth much brighter.

We offer two professional products:

  • Ultradent: This line of products includes both in-office and take-home versions. We can give you a guided whitening session here, or you can enjoy the convenience of whitening at home.
  • Philips Zoom!: This product is the #1 most-requested whitening solution in the country. It is great for anyone with sensitive teeth, and it’s very easy on your budget. It can brighten a smile by up to eight shades!

Whatever whitening system you choose, you can have a dramatically whiter smile that you cannot wait to show off!

Schedule a Comfortable Teeth Whitening Appointment Today

You don’t have to put up with a color of teeth that you don’t like. Schedule a teeth whitening appointment today, and we’ll fit you in as soon as we can to give you a more dazzling smile.