Featured Team Member of the Quarter – Lydia

Lydia has been a dedicated, vital team member to us here Pacific Northwest Smiles since she started as an intern and then was hired in 2006, and we just couldn’t let her get away! We are so proud of all that has accomplished! Here are a few fun facts and insight about her journey through life and dentistry that she recently shared with us;

What is your favorite aspect of dentistry, what drives you to work in the healthcare field?
I am passionate in helping others make their lives what they want, and be the best that they can be, yes this can be done through dentistry! I fell for dental assisting in 2003 when I had the opportunity to work with an oral surgeon office, my role was to support patients physically and emotionally through uncomfortable dental procedures. I realized small changes in thought and understanding can make a significant impact in each of our days, and I was good at comforting and encouraging this. My goal is to give a sense of empowerment and strength to get to help my patients through difficult situations.

What do you do at Pacific Northwest Smiles?
I wear MANY hats here, some days I put on a mask and gloves and assist Dr. Greenhalgh with treatments such as ourCEREC one appointment crowns, or maybe taking impressions for an excited patient to start theirInvisalign, clear braces treatment. However, you will most likely see me working in the front office these days, supporting and leading the practice administrative needs. From fulfilling patient requests and questions, insurance billing needs, to scheduling. I’m there to support and lead our team in whatever way I can day to day.

When you’re not at PNWS, what are you most likely doing?
I am most likely taking a road trip along the coast or inland to meet family and friends for outdoor adventures!

What might we be surprised to learn about you?
I am absolutely mesmerized by reptiles!
I’m a minimalist- I live in a 403 sq foot apartment!
will own a motorcycle of my own some day!
rode from Wisconsin to Washington in 5 days last summer on the back of my
father’s Harley through rain storms and over an eleven thousand foot pass in
elevation, loving every minute of it!

Thank you Lydia for just simply being the most wonderful, lovely, true friend -to the core, we love you!
Siggy, Melissa, Mayra, Carrie, Michelle and of course Dr. D ?