How Tooth Loss Leads to Depression

Categories: Dentistry

Unfortunately, Americans don’t prioritize dental appointments. In fact, one out of three Americans didn’t visit the dentist at all last year. While there are a handful of factors that determine how often a person visits the dentist, we know that the end result could mean serious health problems as well as mental health issues.

According to a new survey,tooth loss may cause depression and anxiety. People who skip dental visits inevitably wind up with poor oral health, which can often lead to tooth loss. The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey focused on almost 77,000 people. Of the people surveyed, data was collected on participants who were 19 or older,  those who had dealt with anxiety or depression and suffered from tooth loss. In all these cases, researchers concluded that depression and anxiety were related to tooth loss.

Poor self confidence, poor diet and pain are often the unfortunate consequences of tooth loss that can result in depression. When you put off going to see the dentist for regular check-ups, existing oral health problems can worsen and eventually result in more expensive and painful treatments.In order to avoid the mental and general health repercussions of tooth loss and poor oral health, make sure to visit your dentist once or twice a year.

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