What Happens after Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Mill Creek WA

data-medium-file=”https://pacificnwsmiles.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/smile16.jpg” data-large-file=”https://pacificnwsmiles.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/smile16.jpg” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-589″ alt=”Cosmetic Dentistry in Mill Creek WA” src=”https://www.pacificnwsmiles.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/smile16.jpg” width=”200″ height=”300″>Cosmetic dentistry has become very popular these days as more and more people realize their need for picture-perfect teeth. When a beautiful smile matters,cosmetic dentistry has the answers. But what happens next? Are there steps that need to be done to ensure your beautiful smile lasts? Well-loved dentist in Mill Creek, WA, Dr. Darren Greenhalgh, shares his insights on this matter. Here are different ways that you can maintain that gorgeous, movie star smile.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene tops the list of keeping smiles bright and healthy. This involves proper brushing and flossing of your teeth every day. Take the time to brush your teeth at least 2 minutes. Brushing the right way prevents plaque buildup from food particles, which are greatly responsible for decay and gum disease. If you want to maintain your beautiful new smile, maintaining good oral hygiene is absolutely essential.

Visit your Dentist Every 6 Months

Even if you think you have no dental problems, make it a point tovisit your dentist regularly. A good dentist will examine the current condition of your teeth, check for potential problems and then recommend the treatments necessary. Seeing your dentist regularly means that you are taking preventive measures to care for your teeth. Prevention is an important factor in keeping your teeth and gums healthy and great looking.

Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet

As the popular saying goes, “You are what you eat”. A diet consisting of adequate amounts of carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and fruits is highly recommended by doctors. Eat foods and drink beverages that are great for your oral and physical health. Milk makes your bones strong while tap water contains fluoride that is essential for the health of your teeth. Crunchy fruits like apples prevent plaque buildup. Eat the good stuff and you will surely benefit from it.

Stop Smoking

Smoking, as we all know, is bad for the lungs and the teeth. Tar eats away at your gums, which leads to a variety of dental problems. Smoking is also responsible for stained, discolored teeth. If you want your teeth to look good and healthy, stop smoking.

Avoid Biting Hard Objects

Most dental restorations and cosmetic dentistry treatments are durable. However, biting hard objects on a regular basis can greatly diminish the lifespan of your treated teeth. Fingernail biting, opening plastic packaging with your teeth, biting pencil tips and chewing on ice can break porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, resin-bonded teeth and other dental restorations. Avoid biting hard objects so your cosmetic dentistry treatment lasts long.

Wear a Mouthguard if You’re a Habitual Teeth Grinder

Wearing a mouthguard while you sleep prevents your teeth from the damaging effects of bruxism (teeth grinding). Bruxism places the teeth under extreme pressure, so that even the most durable restoration won’t be able to last long. If you habitually clench or grind your teeth, a mouthguard can help you stop this behavior, while protecting your cosmetically-treated teeth from getting damaged.

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