When Do You Need To Get Your Tooth Extracted?

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tooth extraction If you’ve suffered from a toothache, you know how debilitating it can be. Affecting not just your ability to chew, tooth pain can make talking, swallowing, and breathing, and when the pain is just that intense, it can even feel like thinking hurts.

Though typical dental pain solutions leave the tooth intact, there are some instances in which a tooth extraction is necessary. Let’s take a look at when a tooth extraction is necessary, as well as potential alternatives.

What Dental Health Issues Require Tooth Extractions 

Extraction is generally recommended for teeth that have become infected beyond treatment, or when they pose a threat to your overall oral health. Below are three of the most common reasons to get a tooth pulled:

Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are those that are unable to emerge from the gum line and grow improperly because of being blocked. Impacted teeth can lead to a variety of dental and oral health issues and extracting them is the only course of action.


Overcrowding is another dental issue that can be caused by wisdom teeth eruption. This issue happens when a growing tooth grows angled in such a way that it affects other teeth, sometimes even cracking the others. In some cases of overcrowding, braces can help, but if wisdom teeth are the culprit, removal is likely the only viable option.

Tooth Injury

Due to an accident or injury, damage to the tooth can be so extensive that extraction is needed and necessary. This extraction happens not only to alleviate pain but also because the tooth would be nearly non-functioning.

Depending on the severity of the injury, an alternative to extraction in the case of damage could be restorative. In restorative dentistry, a dentist can help restore the functionality of a broken tooth through the use of tools such as dental crowns and dental implants.


Typically, as an alternative to extraction, dental infections are treated the way most infections are: antibiotics. However, in some rare cases, an infected tooth may not respond to antibiotics, or the infection could be so severe that immediate removal is required to protect your health.

An infected tooth not only causes pain, but there is a risk the infection can spread to other teeth, and also cause serious complications, such as meningitis. In these instances, your dentists may deem an extraction necessary.

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