Why Is Restorative Dentistry Necessary?

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restorative dentistry Maintaining healthy teeth and gums requires daily brushing and flossing in addition to regular visits to the dentist. Despite keeping up with your oral health, however, it’s possible you may still face complications.

Restorative dentistry makes it possible to repair or replace teeth that are damaged or have deteriorated with time.

Whether it’s a filling, a crown, or an implant, most individuals will need some kind of restorative dental work at some point in their lives. Here’s why restorative dentistry is essential.

The Importance of Restorative Dentistry

Improve Oral Health

Dental issues not only accelerate the physical aging process but also have negative consequences for your health. Restorative dentistry is an excellent option for those who have fallen behind on their oral health but want to get back on track.

The ability of restorative dentistry to strengthen teeth is one of its most important advantages. This dental approach has several positive effects on oral health, including enhanced biting and chewing, reduced vulnerability to cavities and gum disease, and improved comfort.

Address Tooth Decay and Infection

When tooth decay creates a hole in the enamel, this space may be repaired with composite material to stop future infection and decay. Dental fillings for cavities are the most frequent kind of restorative work done by dentists, with the vast majority of individuals needing a filling for a cavity at some point in their lives.

In severe cases, a cavity may also reach the inner pulp of the tooth and spread infection down to the root. In this case, an infected tooth’s inner pulp may be saved with a restorative dentistry technique called a root canal, in which the infected area is cleaned out and filled to prevent further infection.

Preserve Teeth

If a tooth has been significantly damaged by decay or damage and cannot be restored with composite material, a crown may be put over it.

When one or more teeth are lost due to decay or removal, a bridge may be used as a replacement.

When a tooth is lost, a dental implant may be a more durable solution to replace both the tooth and its root.

Dentures may replace a few to an entire set of teeth when all treatment options have been exhausted, and more tooth loss is inevitable.

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