Is it time to have your wisdom teeth removed?

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man touches his beard with his hand jaw toothache Let’s face it: dealing with wisdom teeth is not one of the best parts of becoming a young adult. However, your wisdom teeth are the last to come in, and that can mean that your mouth will become crowded, which can cause other problems. Are you wondering if it is time to have your wisdom teeth removed? Read on for information about your wisdom teeth and what you can expect once they start to come in.

Odds are that yes, you should have them removed

Your wisdom teeth may not be causing you any problems now, but that can very quickly change as they grow in more and more. They can become impacted, which is when they grow in at an angle and start to damage other teeth. When they are very close to other teeth, this can make it very difficult to get your teeth clean, which can lead to tooth decay. And, having too many teeth can, over time, cause problems with your bite, how your bottom and top teeth are aligned, and your jaw.

The good news is that the procedure to have wisdom teeth removed may take only a few minutes (although sometimes it can take longer if the tooth is still buried beneath the gums). You may be able to choose from oral sedation, which will make you calm during the procedure – this involves a pill, not an injection. You will need a ride home if you have oral sedation. Or, you may choose laughing gas, which you breathe in to keep you relaxed – this leaves your system right away, so that you can drive yourself after the procedure.

You may be given antibiotics after the procedure, and if self-dissolving stitches were used they will dissolve in a little more than a week. Your dentist will have specific instructions for you to follow, but typically, for the first few days after the extraction you’ll want to avoid hot liquids, alcohol, smoking, and strenuous activity.

Are your wisdom teeth starting to peek through? That means it may be time to see your dentist, before any problems start to arise. Call Pacific Northwest Smiles for an appointment today, at 425-357-6400!