What is scaling and planing?

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Cheerful patient sitting in a dental chair and holding a mirror while smiling at the camera

“Scaling and planing” may not sound like something you would want any part of, especially when you find out it is something that happens at your dentist’s office. You may have visions of some sort of dental torture – but actually, scaling and planing is a common procedure and a very important part of good…

Is chewing gum bad?

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Chewing gum can help to freshen breath, and it can even help to relieve some boredom and stress. However, if you chew gum constantly, you may be wondering if this is a harmless habit or if it may be causing damage to your teeth and your health. Here are the good points and bad points…

Taking Care of Baby’s Teeth

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Taking care of teeth is important, but if you are fairly new to this “parenthood” thing, you may be wondering about when you should start teaching your child about good oral health. You know it is important to find a great dentist for the whole family, but what else do you need to know about…