Is Fear of the Dentist Keeping You From Having Good Oral Health?


Fear of the dentist is pretty high up there on the list of phobias. Studies show that about 60% to 75% of Americans are afraid of the dentist. Maybe you had a bad experience at the dentist once, or maybe your imagination just runs wild every time you think about sitting in the dentist’s chair. However, dental care is very important, and neglecting check-ups and trips to the dentist will only lead to more severe problems later. Sleep dentistry is one option, but here are some other tips about easing fears of going to the dentist.

Prepare for your visit

Before your appointment, avoid lots of caffeine, which can increase anxiety and make you jumpy. Make sure you do eat something, though – preferably a light meal that is high in protein, which can help to keep you calm.

Also, bring in your favorite music so that you can listen to it with your earbuds in and your eyes closed. If it will help, don’t be afraid to ask a friend to come in with you to help you relax.

Find the right dentist

If you are afraid of going to the dentist, you want a dentist who understands that. Your dentist should be willing to listen to and address your fears, and they should also be willing to explain what he or she is doing in detail (if that helps you, that is). Sometimes just having a dentist with a sympathetic ear can make all the difference.

If the thought of going to the dentist is just too much to bear, consider sleep dentistry and have your dental procedure taken care of without feeling a thing. Sleep dentistry can be as simple as taking a pill or the use of laughing gas, which will help to relax you.

If you are afraid of the dentist, you aren’t alone! It is a fear that you share with millions of Americans. But don’t let it stop you from taking care of your teeth, because this will only lead to more time in the dental chair. Pacific Northwest Smiles can help ease your fears while providing excellent care. Call 425-357-6400 for an appointment today!