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To “Like” Or Not To Like… There is no question! If you haven’t “liked” our Facebook page, you’re missing out! We’ve designed our page to inform, entertain and benefit YOU. We post fun pictures, updates on our staff and practice … Continued

How Tooth Loss Leads to Depression

Unfortunately, Americans don’t prioritize dental appointments. In fact, one out of three Americans didn’t visit the dentist at all last year. While there are a handful of factors that determine how often a person visits the dentist, we know that … Continued

5 Ways to Keep Dental Implants in Great Condition

Dental implants have indeed changed the way tooth replacements are viewed today. This is because it offers stability, comfort and durability – things that other tooth replacement options lack. Dental implants are the only procedure that replaces a lost tooth … Continued

6-Step Game Plan to Achieve Healthy Teeth and Gums

Optimum oral health may seem like a tough goal to reach, but achieving healthy teeth and gums is actually pretty easy. Trusted Mill Creek dentist, Dr. Darren Greenhalgh, discusses the easy steps to achieve optimum oral health via his 6-step … Continued

7 Things that You Must Know about Invisalign

Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment designed for straightening teeth. It takes into account your comfort. It also knows your need for aesthetics, which is widely known to be its greatest benefit. But is there more to Invisalign than meets … Continued

What Happens after Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry has become very popular these days as more and more people realize their need for picture-perfect teeth. When a beautiful smile matters, cosmetic dentistry has the answers. But what happens next? Are there steps that need to be … Continued

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Welcome to the new blog of Pacific Northwest Smiles. We want you to be getting some useful dental care information and will be sharing some news and specials from time to time. You might want to bookmark this link so … Continued